Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's Splendid!

Moise Emquies, owner and designer of Splendid, created the tee shirts which are fast becoming popular in part due to the pima cotton- a soft rayon material called modal, and partly because of the body skimming fit. More versatile than a boxy tee shirt, these tees can be worn to work or to work out. Just ask Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow who are fans of the brand. Jessica Alba has also been spotted wearing her henley with a pair of worn out jeans.

"There are 18 fashion colors per season, with only black, white and heather gray remaining as constants of the collection. There's always a red, but a different shade of red every season depending on our mood and what's going on in fashion." says Splendid owner and designer Moise Emquies*.

These tee shirts come in henley, hoodie, crewneck styles and would look good with a jean skirt and casual flip flops for the spring. I love the bright turquoise shirt above! I'm constantly searching for the perfect shirt and maybe Splendid has created what I'm looking for.

Alexis Hudson

Alexis Hudson was named after the daughter and the puppy of the designers behind the brand.
These sophisticated bags are made from fine Italian leather –pearlized leather grain and snakeskin- and come in colors like gray, dark blue, black and winter white. Very verstatile and can be used all year.

The well designed purses feature braided handles, pen holders, a pocket for your cell phone which make the purse not only hip but practical too. When something is functional then you can justify having to make it part of your wardrobe. And because the quality of the bag is excellent, consider this an investment! You'll have the purse for years and years and it won't go out of style. Worth every penny.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Tag+ Bermuda Shorts

Every summer I shy away from shorts and opt for capri pants and skirts. Why? Because shorts are usually as big as a napkin and hardly cover anything. Sorry but I do not want my bottom half to be bursting out of an item of clothing meant for an eighty pound teenager.

Thank goodness that these knee length shorts are popular this season. I love them! I like the pockets which made the rear look small. You can wear them with flip flops or ballet flats and look hip. And its all about looking hip, isnt it? YES! Pair with a Rebel Yell tee shirt and off you go looking as cool as a Hollywood starlet.

Click here for more sizes and stuff like that.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cargo capri

I have a very hip and cute friend who wears clothes like these True Religion cargo capris. She always looks in-style and fresh but never too trendy. No hoochie mini skirts and cowboy boots. Very down to earth, a jeans and tee shirt kind of gal but only of the best quality.

I'm going to tell her about these pants because they are perfect for the southern California weather. A tee shirt and flip flops with these cargos would be ideal for spring. If you live where it's a tad chilly, then add a sweater and cute sneakers.

True Religion is my favorite brand because the denim is sturdy and the integrity of the stitching is second to none. I know the jeans are expensive but they will last a long time unless you take sand paper to the fabric and roll around on the ground.

I want them! I need a money tree so I can buy everything I write about.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


t-bags tunic

When I went on the Singer22 website, the first thing I noticed was the above T-bag brand top and dress. I HAVE TO HAVE THE DRESS. Or the top. I love them both. Note to the Singer22 people, send me the dress as soon as possible! I love the summery pattern and the blue-green color scheme.

T-bags began in 1999 as a purse company, but the owners have been adding new pieces to their popular line recently. The clothes are funky and afforable. What could be better? Well, maybe both the shirt and the dress arriving on my doorstep! Take a look at all the T-bag items at Singer22.

New Johnson shorts!

Johnson Shorts have been rapidly gaining momentum since last year! Every starlet has a pair to show off her seriously toned legs. Even if you aren't Nicole Richie or Carmen Electra, Johnson shorts are made to flatter.

Singer22 has new ones in for the spring & summer. Click here to see my favorite, the Millicent shorts. They would look perfect with a simple black top and black strappy sandals.

Necklaces fit for a young starlet

Nicole Richie loves her Bonnie Basham Camp Necklace. Nicole has great taste! The color is vivid against a black top. I like a single piece of interesting jewelry, just bright and unique enough to be eye catching.

This sweet Kenneth Jay Lane strawberry pendant hangs from the neck of none other than Mischa Barton. Cute, no? I think it is. It adds a touch of sass to what might be an otherwise plain outfit.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who Cares

I love these summery, floaty dresses by Who Cares. The dress will take you from day until night. You can funk it up with large hoop earrings or a patterned scarf. The dress works well with ballet flats or strappy heels. Its your basic dress for any and every occasion!

I want one!


I present to you...the Goldenbleu Delia Bag.

Soft leather and ample storage with leather braided trim, the Goldenbleu bag is HOT HOT HOT. This is a celebrity favorite and is saught after by all the young fashionistas! Once you invest in a good quality bag, you will have it forever. This one doesn't have a ton of belts and straps and bells and whistles. Its pretty and classy and timeless. I can smell the fresh leather from here....

Iisli for the spring

This Iisli summer halter dress is lovely for those romantic evenings out with your special someone! Imagine ...out in the rose garden, looking at the stars as you sip a glass of wine and feel gorgeous in this white goddess gown. All right, maybe that's not nearly reality but the dress will make you feel super sexy! And that's a fact.

A shorter version of the dress, this halter top looks cute with a pair of black pants, sandals and silver jewelry. It's got a real hippie vibe to it. Nicole Richie will probably be seen wearing this top, its her style. Along with oversized sunglasses and a big leather hobo bag of course!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

*new* Joystick!

Gorgeous embroidered pop flower summer dress. Cocktails in the garden, anyone?

I love the color and the details of this short sleeve mini flower top. Pair the shirt with well- worn jeans and wooden clogs.

Wear this rose garden skirt with a tank top and accessorize with a fringed purse, hoop earrings and your hair down and loose.

Can this Joystick stuff be any cuter? I love it all. Such a throwback to the free love and spirited vibe of the 1960's. I would not be opposed to receiving all Joystick clothing for my summer wardrobe. I'm a sucker for wooden clogs and beads and daisies tucked behind my ears. The embroidered goodness of Joystick is so much fun.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mandy Moore, MBLEM

Mandy Moore is a tee shirt and jeans kind of girl. She says, “Getting dressed up is fun but I'm really just a lazy bum and that's the extent of the wardrobe in my mind," she said.

"I'm a tall girl, so I'm always searching for the perfect jeans and T-shirt," the singer-actress said. "I'm a huge fan of shopping — I am a girl, after all — but I find that a lot of the popular T-shirts are too short. I mainly just wanted something that I could kick around in." So she created her line of shirts called Mblem.

The tops are available in of juicy colors like pink, turquoise and green and more subdued white, black and charcoal. Printed on the tops are lyrics to her favorite classic rock songs. "I kind of just did the line selfishly," she said. "I'm lucky to be in the position to do that."

from AP

Rebel Yell launch party!

Demi Moore and her daughters at the Rebel Yell spring launch party

Rebel Yell hoodie

Sophia Bush at the party

Kelly Monaco at Rebel Yell

Celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Chris Kattan, Sophia Bush, Danny Masterson and many more turned out for the 2006 spring collection for Rebel Yell, a favorite brand among Hollywood actors. Everyone loves the soft tee shirts and comfortable sweats, perfect paired with jeans and boots. Ashton Kutcher is a huge fan of their tee shirts!